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Exorcist is a 3D FPS game built on Proximo3D libraries. The game is a freeware. The "story" of the game is similar to old Blood 1 - the DOS game well known as one of the best products of Monolith in that age. The aimed level of graphics is between Unreal 1 and 2 from Epicgames company.

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Graphics/Exorcist_001.jpg Graphics/Exorcist_002.jpg

Graphics/Exorcist_003.jpg Graphics/Exorcist_004.jpg

Graphics/Exorcist_005.jpg Graphics/Exorcist_006.jpg

Graphics/Exorcist_007.jpg Graphics/Exorcist_008.jpg

Graphics/Exorcist_009.jpg Graphics/Exorcist_010.jpg

Graphics/Exorcist_011.jpg Graphics/Exorcist_012.jpg

Graphics/Exorcist_013.jpg Graphics/Exorcist_014.jpg

Graphics/Exorcist_015.jpg Graphics/Exorcist_016.jpg

Graphics/Exorcist_017.jpg Graphics/Exorcist_018.jpg

Graphics/Exorcist_019.jpg Graphics/Exorcist_020.jpg

Graphics/Exorcist_021.jpg Graphics/Exorcist_022.jpg

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