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Exorcist demo released April 28, 2010

First Exorcist game demo version was released with first map 'Crossing River'. There are around eighty enemies defending the area and challenging you to pass thru, so feel free to download the demo from the Exorcist page and punish them all!

Proximo3D vertex shaders applyable for whole models February 22, 2009

After adding the shader support, Proximo3D now offers assigning a specific vertex shader to whole model, so all sub-models and descendant objects are under the parent model vertex shader control.
To get more info about Proximo3D visit Proximo3D page.

Exorcist fully working via OpenAL December 14, 2008

Initially the Exorcist game was using the sound devices such as DirectSound and MMSystem WaveMapper directly while now all sound is made over OpenAL. That means that more sound devices are supported because OpenAL offers a common API for all these devices.
To learn more about Exorcist go to the Exorcist page.

Proximo3D now supporting vertex and fragment shaders April 4, 2008

Proximo3D now supports the shaders using nVidia Cg. The advantage of using Cg is a support of both 3D rendering interfaces (OpenGL and Direct3D) via a "simple" c-like language. Each shader program has a "time" parameter, which can be used to make variable dynamic effects synchronised with LinkController
You may get more info about Proximo3D on it's page.

Dangerous Snake Ubuntu bug fixed May 6, 2006

The Dangerous Snake game sometimes caused an error that the snake body was not shown on the playing area. There the (simetimes invisible) char representing a head has been also changed to another.
The new fixed binaries can be downloaded from Dangerous Snake tab.

ISMTPMailer interface adjusted May 5, 2006

There in the networking tab You can find the new updated version of SMTPMailer "SDK" with some last changes. Now when the client application calls Send() and the SMTP server is on a remote machine, the Send() function will return E_FAIL unlike previously released version where it raised an internal unknown software exception.

Proximo3D 64-bit native file format finally accomplished May 2, 2006

This step was the last requirement to beginning development of the open format. The specification of the open format will be released (of course) immediately after it's completion (probably August 2006). General information is the solution will be XML file packed into ZIP.

It's highly probable that some transfer operations like streaming to/from files will be slower,

but that is an unavoidable disadvantage of a text file format. On the other hand that solution will be a source of many advatages. The supposed date of the open format completion will be also the date of the final release of the first version prepared to be available for free download.

To get some additional information switch to Proximo3D page

Exorcist for Linux in master porting phase April 26, 2006

The Exorcist game physics has been already accomplished and now the Linux version is beeing developed. The true is the development is attended by many complications in fact on all of three supposed distributions of GNU/Linux which are Fedora Core, Ububtu and Novell Linux. Discused complications are different on each of these distributions. General information can be obtained from the Exorcist page.

Proximo3D can load VRML models April 17, 2006

VRML as an open standard is a good way to realize 3d data transactions between the Proximo3D itself and other programs. There is now an ability to load a VRML file containing the required 3d model and convert it to the Proximo3D structure of meshes. To get a general information about the program and peek at some Proximo3D "screen-shots" go to it's tab.

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